Audio-visual Installation

3ch HD (1000*3)*2000 pixel|2ch surround sound

Ultra Fractal,Audition,After Effect,Fcp 7



A single Chinese character (yong, meaning “eternity”) in calligraphy form is turned into a fractal image animation in which there is no beginning and no end. Everything is in a state of constant flux and scale is symbolically relative.

The fractals are audio-visual in format, i.e., animations with soundtrack composed with the Chinese pronunciation of the word “eternity” and environmental sounds.

The Chinese character for “eternity” – yong – is chosen for the fact that it contains all the stroke types used in all Chinese calligraphy and is always used as a model character in learning to write calligraphy.

exhibition in ars electronica

exhibition in ars electronica

exhibition in ars electronica